Partner FAQs


I find it difficult to add activity. How can I get help?

In your account, tap the phone to the right of your screen. Our Affiliate will immediately contact you and guide you to add the activities you want. If you wish we can add them for you.

Do I have a limit on how many activities I can upload?

No, there is no limit. On the contrary, we recommend that you add as many as you can to make your presence on our platform more intense.

I have no photo to upload to my activity.

We usually recommend adding as many photos and videos as possible to promote your business. But don't worry! Post your activity normally. If you do not have a photo we will arrange for you to have a high definition photo. You can edit the activity at any time in the future and add your own photos and videos.

What is the cancellation policy I can follow?

Unlimited Adrenaline offers 8 different policy cancellations and you can choose the one that suits you best. For more information on cancellation policies, read our terms of use. If a package does not satisfy you please contact us.

If a customer has booked an activity and does not show what will happened?

The cancellation policy you have selected will be applied. Your reservation is guaranteed! Learn about our cancellation policies in our terms of use.

I want to sign up but I don't have the time to support your platform.

There is no problem. Contact us and we will do all the work for you! You will simply be notified by email so there is a requirement to book!

Do I have to renew my activities every year?

No. The Unlimited Adrenaline platform is designed to keep your activities online indefinitely.


Do I have to pay a subscription to use your platform?

No there is no cost in using our platform. Our charges are commission on sales. We are partners, which means you need to make a profit in order for us to make a profit.

Why is it asking me to add my staff / fleet?

The Unlimited Adrenaline platform has real-time booking updates to help your customers make a reservation much easier without waiting for confirmation. Adding your employees - partners is a prerequisite for this to happen. If you are renting boats, vehicles or providing guided sailing tours, etc. you will have to insert the badges of these vehicles for the same reason.
This information is only needed for the proper management of your availability and does not appear to users. For any questions contact us.

Do I need to have a website to sign up for your platform?

No it's not mandatory. It is enough to have a legitimate business and provide activities.

Do I have a clause if I delete from the platform?

No you can unsubscribe at any time. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our benefits contact us.


What are 'Offers'? Why to create one?

Offers are another feature that Unlimited Adrenaline offers. Create bids to increase your customers mainly in less efficient days. There are two types of offers you can create:

  • For a discount on specific days (eg Weekdays) for a specified period.
  • For a discount period with countdown duration.

Create and post on social media bids to attract customers. Unlimited Adrenaline will help you with that! For more information please contact us.


What are "Events"? Why should I add an event?

Unlimited Adrenaline offers the opportunity to add events and attract your audience. You can create paid or even free events for advertising purposes. Events are specific date (s) (eg trekking in Parnitha on Saturday, downhill games, SUP Seminars, Climbing Friends Meeting, etc.) So don't miss out on as many events as possible through the "Events"! Contact us for any assistance.


How will I get paid?

Unlimited Adrenaline will make your payments by wire transfer to your account every first 5 days of the month for the activities you have performed. 


Should i choose 'Confirm before booking' or 'Instant booking'?

The Unlimited Adrenaline platform is the first booking platform created in Greece to provide real-time availability for the optimum friendly-user experience. If you are updating your booking calendar with bookings from other sources then select 'Instant Booking'. You can also select 'Instant Booking' if you have a lot of availability on your schedule (eg go carts, watersports, etc.). If the activities again require organization and confirmation before a customer makes a reservation then select 'Confirm before Reservation'. For more information please contact us.

I have no reservations by the platform. Why should I stay?

There will be businesses where the user will not make a reservation because he or she may go to an activity without having to make a reservation. But more important to a business is projection. To make your presence at your audience. We even offer this for free! Use our platform to project your benefits. At the end of each year we will send you a detailed update of your traffic and views from our platform!


I uploaded an offer / activity / event but want to cancel it. What should I do;

You can edit or delete your offers / activities / events from your admin panel. If users have booked and made reservations and you cannot provide them, you will need to cancel them from your reservation log. Contact us for any assistance.


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