About us

Unlimited Adrenaline is more than just a business. It is a group of dedicated people who share a common vision which is summarized in a few words as "providing authentic experiences in nature". Love for nature, action, travel!

Open horizons and adaptation to the trends of the market and our times but above all the desire to impart all the knowledge, know-how, and love for our subject to all of you are the ingredients that have led and continue to drive Unlimted Adrenaline to the top in the field of outdoor tourism.

As an award-winning TravelTech Start Up from the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, we focus on helping you discover new experiences and activities while developing digital applications that will help grow the alternative tourism industry.

For Travelers:

Dive into our vast marketplace, your go-to guide for over 2,500 unique experiences spanning across 100 diverse categories. Discover the thrill of adventure, the serenity of nature, or the challenge of the unknown. Our platform is your passport to experiences that enrich, excite, and inspire.

For Activity Providers:

Step boldly into the digital age with our state-of-the-art Backoffice Management System. Say goodbye to manual bookings and traditional promotions. With 75% of activity providers not yet digitalized, we're here to supercharge your digital transformation, boosting your visibility and streamlining your operations.

For Hotels & Accommodations:

Elevate your guest experiences beyond the ordinary. Our SaaS platform, infused with potent upselling and cross-selling tools, empowers you to expand your revenue streams and cater to the contemporary traveler's hunger for immersive experiences.

The Challenge:

The booming realm of alternative tourism presents a paradox: a world of experiences waiting to be discovered, yet a chasm separating travelers, activity providers, and accommodations. With 89% of bookings made offline and a staggering 65% made at the eleventh hour, the traditional systems are strained and ill-equipped.

Our Solution:

We're here to bridge the gap. Our mission is resolute: to interconnect every business in this exhilarating field, aiming to curate the largest database of experiences imaginable. From the adrenaline junkie seeking their next thrill to the hotel wanting to diversify its offerings, we are the digital lighthouse guiding you through the vast ocean of possibilities.

Unlimited Adrenaline - Where Your Next Adventure Awaits!



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