Active Holidays in Greece - Gnosis Active Travel

We are a Greek Specialist Adventure Tour Operator & Travel Designer that offers activity, cultural and special-interest tours.​ Our adventure packages and custom tours include hiking, cycling, rafting, kayaking, sailing, agricultural and nature tours, trekking and self-drive holidays.

Culture, nature, activity and entertainment coexist in our trips – even a meal can become a cultural feast. Enjoying Greek cuisine, getting in touch with folk tradition, discovering history, art, myths and legends of each place and certainly meeting local people are essential elements of our journeys.

We avoid large hotel complexes, overcrowded and overdeveloped areas. We know the last few untouched destinations and the best season to visit them, we choose small, locally-owned accommodation and eco-friendly transport.
Responsible travel is what we promote. We operate in a responsible manner towards people and the environment, incorporating the principles of sustainable development.

Our business has a strong background in travel design, holidays that include activities such as hiking or cycling, guided cultural and thematic tours, mainly in Greece.
In 2012, following the long family tradition, we created Gnosis Active Travel, a travel company licensed by the Hellenic National Tourism Organization (GNTO) with registration number: 0206Ε60000750301 and registered by the General Commercial Registry (GEMI) under the No. 151298603000, as Gnosis Active Travel - Active Holidays in Greece.

We organize your entire journey or just a part of it, offering you walking, cycling and cultural trips, thematic tours, educational tours and holidays that include outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking or sailing.

Our programs are designed by our experts, and their feasibility has been tested many times. In this website you can find some of our programs whilst on request we can create your own customized adventure.
We are experts in our field, uncompromising to our ideals and, above all, perfectionists in all our endeavours!


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